About Us

MecaFIX is a Top-notch Online Automobile Solution that empowers car owners (Motorists) to find suitable Auto-part dealers and Mechanics based on the nearest location. Thus, we have the edge and advantage over others in the automobile industry.

Our Mission

Mecafix exist to help our customers care for and extend the life of their automobile investment through our professional mechanics and the use of latest technology to connect our users to expert from anywhere,any time in a very easy way.

Our Plan

Our plan is to embrace the following guiding values: Honesty,Intergrity,Respect for customers and employees and quality in all we do to achieve the number one repair facility in Nigeria.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make Mecafix the preffered Auto Repair in Nigeria by providing extraordinary customer service that exceeds customer expectations and thus make us the best always.



As a motorist, MecaFIX lets you easily find a genuine spare part dealer, links you up with a reputable mechanic near you and helps you diagnose problems in your car.

Auto Garages & Dealers

As a mechanic, garage owner or a part dealer, MecaFIX links you up with thousands of motorists using the website thereby guaranteeing you increased revenue.

Car Battery Replacement Service

For the best time to change your car battery, contact our professional mechanics at MecaFIX. Our mechanics, upon request from our customers, are ready to fix the defects or replace your car battery as well as provide the service of replacing the car battery and guidance on choosing the best and most suitable battery for your car.







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42 Adams Street, Costain, Lagos State, Nigeria

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+234 801 2345 677

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